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Vaginal weightlifting

How to Vaginal Weight lift

I have received countless emails asking is vaginal weightlifting is real? And can anyone learn to do it? The answer yes! It is real, and yes it is possible to learn. How do I know it’s possible? because I have been Vagina weight lifting for the past 2 years. Continue reading Vaginal weightlifting

When using your Yoni Egg hygiene is priority.

How often should you clean your Yoni Egg?

Cleaning your egg should always be done before and after you’ve used it. Special attention should always be given to the drilled hole as any build-up of vaginal liquid would most likely reside there. Continue reading How to clean your Yoni Egg

Tell us a little more about yourself

I originally come from Slovakia. I was born under the rule of the communist regime. It is very hard to explain what it feels like to live in a system where you were constantly watched by a government. There was no freedom to travel, no freedom of speech, food stores were empty. At the same time, there was lots of fear around. Continue reading Learn About Reiki with Katarina Rhodes

The Beautiful Soul Emma Coutts explains her role as a Bodytalker

BodyTalk is energy medicine or Mind Body Medicine and it is designed by your body for you. It is WHOLEHEALTH CARE
everything working in harmony and communicating with all aspects of the bodymind. Continue reading Bodytalk with Emma Coutts

5 ways to attract positive energy into your life

Love and accept yourself

When you love and accept yourself, it becomes easy to attract and spot others who love and accept themselves also. I’m not saying never try to change the things you are not happy with but until you can change, love and accept who and the way you are. We are all different and we all have flaws, as no one’s perfect, but please remember true beauty come from within. Love yourself enough to want to be the best you. Continue reading 5 ways to attract positive energy

Getting to know Self

I’ve come to the realisation that most of us really aren’t sure about who we truly are? Yes we know what we look like, behave like, what we love, hate, fear and want. But how many questions why we love, hate, fear and want what we do?  Continue reading Getting to know Self

Welcome Yoni Healer

Welcome to the first ever post blog for YONIHEALER.CO.UK.

As you know this site was started awhile ago, however we deemed it necessary to add a blog section to keep you guys up to date on our current thoughts, opinions and other need to know information. We will do our utmost best to update it regularly. So excited; this is just a little insight as to what the future posts will cover.   Continue reading Welcome Yoni Healer