Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs – Frequently Asked Questions


How will I benefit from using Yoni Eggs?

The Yoni Egg  aka Jade eggs Exercises are intended to help you to isolate the correct muscles enabling you to tone and strengthen them gradually, which you should notice a difference within weeks. Some changes you’ll notice are tightening of the vaginal canal, reduced or no menstrual cramps; and more muscle control, just to name a few.

How frequently should I use the Yoni Egg?

We recommend around 30 minutes to an 1 hour every other day.

Can the Yoni Egg get stuck?

No, there is only one way in and one way out, it is recommend that you attach a string through the hole in the in egg. This is to ensure easy remove when needed.

Should I use the Yoni Egg sitting, standing, or lying down?

You can use the Yoni Egg  sitting, lying down but for maximum benefit it is best to use the egg standing up. Gravity will work with you to strengthen the muscles, as you’ll need to hold the egg in position, as it has a tendency to slide down.

Can I use the Yoni Egg while I am on my period?

Yes, you can, however you must be extra vigilant when it comes to hygiene.

How long will I have to use the Yoni Egg before I see results?

Most women will see result within 2-4 week however each and every woman’s genetic makeup, lifestyle and health status are unique. This is a major factor to bear in mind when it comes to seeing results. Everyone has specific results they are seeking. Some women will take a longer time to see any noticeable changes; the time scale for changes is based on the condition of the body prior to the use of the Yoni Egg. Once you have reached your goal muscle tone, you can reduce the frequency of use. However, in order to sustain the benefits, we recommend an ongoing routine once or twice a week.

What are the different sizes of Yoni Eggs, and what are they for?

The respective sizes of the eggs are: small 20mm, medium 30mm and large 40mm. The Yoni Eggs come in three sizes that correspond to varying levels of expertise.  The largest eggs are the easiest to grasp and manipulate and helps a beginner feel and become responsive of her muscles and control. The smaller the eggs get, the more skill and muscular control it takes to manipulate and feel them, hence the smallest eggs are for the expert who has trained through the other sizes.

Can I use more than one egg at a time? 

Yes, two small eggs or one small and one medium.