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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs, what are they?

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

Yoni Egg aka Jade Egg is a natural vaginal tool used by women to increase the effectiveness of kegel exercises

and to improve sexual, hormonal and general reproductive health.  The Yoni Egg guarantees, that when doing the

kegel exercises that the correct muscles are being worked.   The Yoni Egg is smooth and non-porous semi

precious gemstones or crystal; that varies in material and size. The Yoni and Jade Eggs are the only 100% natural

vaginal tools on the market, with the rest being made up of synthetic and other materials that are not healthy

for internal uses such as silicone, metals, plastic and glass.

drilled jade egg

All our Yoni Eggs come drilled to allow easy removal and to attach different weights for vaginal weight training.

The Yoni Egg exercise is performed by inserting the egg inside the vagina, using the internal vaginal muscles to hold,

squeeze and manipulate the egg up and down and left to right.  The Yoni Egg does not have an expiry date,

the eggs can last a lifetime, once it is look after

vaginal weight lifting

Yes there is a advance form of exercise with the Yoni Egg and it’s call vaginal weight training. This is when

a woman attaches a string to the egg and also attaches a weight to the string and uses her strong pelvic

and vaginal muscles gained from doing the Yoni Egg exercise to hold the heavy weight, which build even

stronger pelvic and vaginal muscles. Once mastered, this technique is a very therapeutic

and empowering experience.

How to Vagina Weight Lift

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Which Yoni Egg is best for me?

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

yoni eggs jade eggs


Which egg are you drawn to the most? not by colour but by feeling. There are no right or wrong answers, when it

comes to choosing your Yoni Egg, you will have to trust your intuition or research the healing properties of the egg.

We do have information on the healing properties of each egg. When it comes to the physical results of the egg,

each egg performs equally.

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

 How will I benefit using the Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

Using the Yoni Egg will increase blood circulation in the female’s reproductive system. Overall it increases the

health of the uterus,ovaries, cervix, pelvic floor, and tighten, tone and strengthen the vaginal walls. The Yoni Egg

is also ideal for women going through the menopause as the egg helps with hormonal balancing by increasing

the hormone oestrogen.  The egg is perfect to use when exercising, doing yoga, jogging or walking, as it engages

the core muscles at all times the egg is inside while working the vaginal muscles.

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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

Why should I use the Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

Do you know that majority of women, because of weakened pelvic floor muscles; will most likely suffer from

internal sagging, urinary incontinence and prolapse, if not addressed in time. Weakened pelvic floor muscles

are caused by numerous things.  Hectic lifestyles, stress, genetics, previous pelvic injury, childbirth, smoking,

regular alcohol intake, weight loss, weight gain, aging, heavy lifting, bad posture and frequent constipation

can cause weak pelvic floor muscle.

These muscles are extremely important to keep the reproductive healthy. Like bottoms, faces and breasts

a woman’s vagina can get saggy. Doing exercises to maintain a healthy body is great, however many women,

fail to realise that it is just as important to exercise internally. Doing 10 minutes of exercise every other day

with a Yoni Egg, will make a significant difference, with physical, and emotional results that

you will see within the space of weeks.


The vagina has reflexology points which connect to the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidney by using the

Yoni Egg it massages these points, stimulating specific pressure points increase their functions.

Which works in a similar same way to acupuncture.

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Women who use the Yoni Egg are 

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

More likely to have healthier reproductive organs

More likely to be more mentally balanced

Less likely to be sexually repressed with partner

More likely to reach menopause later

Less likely to suffer from a prolapse, incontinence or fistula

Less likely to have a difficult childbirth

More likely to have more and intense orgasms

Likely to have stronger pelvic floor muscles

Less likely to suffer from BV or yeast infections

More likely to have shorter and painless periods

More likely to have a better sex life

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

Yoni Egg Testimonial

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

How would I know if my pelvic floor is weak?

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You accidentally leak urine when you sneeze, laugh, cough or exercise

A sudden urgent need to use the toilet, or not making it there in time

Reduced sensation in the vagina

Breaking wind from either the anus or vagina when bending over or lifting

A constant need to go to the toilet

Finding it difficult to empty your bladder or bowel


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What is the Yoni Egg made from?

jade egg

Jade Egg

All eggs are name after the gemstone/crystal they were made from. Each egg is crafted

after mining by cutting, craving, grinding, sanding and then polished to make the finished Yoni Egg.

A traditional tool called the pedal-operated treadle grinder is used. Each egg is individually crafted by hand.

No two eggs are identical in colour or pattern.

jade egg

What size should I choose? 

jade egg

Our Yoni Eggs come in three different sizes. The larger eggs are easier to feel and can be helpful for most

women especially those with very thin/weak pelvic floors, small eggs requires a stronger pelvic

floor muscles to be able to keep the egg in and move it around the vaginal canal.

Medium eggs are normally big enough for most to feel however lacks the weight and resistance of the large egg.

Our large Yoni Eggs (40*50cm) are suitable for most women. Due to the weight and shape the large egg

will give a woman the quickest results the fastest and will prepare her for the medium Yoni Egg.

A personal note:  Even though I have mastered all sizes and can hold the smallest egg in for days,

every morning when exercising I use my large egg, as it gives the most resistance without the need to add weight.


Yoni Egg Size


The Large Yoni Eggs are suitable for most women.

However if you are affected by any of the following a different size might be more suitable.


If you have mastered the large


If you have severe pain during intercourse

If you would like to wear the egg all day.

If you suffer from have vaginismus

If you are a virgin

If you have mastered using the large and medium


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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

How Long will it take to receive my Yoni Egg? 

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Dispatched in less than 24 hours  Normal delivery is around 2-3 working days.

Free UK P&P via Royal Mail 1st Classed Signed-for


We accept PayPal or Bank Transfer only.

Please note we only send out items once PayPal have cleared the payment.

Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs


All orders place will be dispatched in less than 24 hours on any working day from the date

payment is received and cleared by PayPal .

Normal delivery is around 2-3 working days.

You will be contacted via text or email once your order has been dispatched,

so please make sure you have supplied us with all the correct information.


Please contact us via email if you have not received your package by the 3rd day.

We will trace your package and if necessary send a replacement straight away, this is guaranteed.

All the Yoni Eggs on our website are what we have in stock, so you will never take a

payment when we are out of stock.

Free P&P stated above applies to UK deliveries only.

For overseas deliveries.

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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

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Yoni Eggs aka Jade Eggs

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