Vaginal weightlifting

How to Vaginal Weight lift

I have received countless emails asking is vaginal weightlifting is real? And can anyone learn to do it? The answer yes! It is real, and yes it is possible to learn. How do I know it’s possible? because I have been Vagina weight lifting for the past 2 years.

Just like the bicep the vagina is a muscle. If you strengthen it, it gets stronger and you can lift heavier weights the stronger you get.

If you are wondering how it works then imagine the vagina as a hand, to hold a egg you didn’t want to drop you would squeeze you hand shut, believe me, well trained women can squeeze their vaginal muscle just like a fist, it just takes practice. Most women tend to use a Yoni Egg aka Jade Egg to strengthen the vaginal muscle.

Vaginal weight lifting
The Yoni Egg is what is in the vagina

 And if you don’t have access to weights, that is not a problem, when I first start out, I used an empty bottle, each time I felt stronger I would add more water, until the bottle was filled.

vagina weight lifting
An alternative to weights

Please be very careful, as women who vaginal weight lift spend months training first with just a Yoni Egg, to ensure their vaginal muscles are strong enough before adding weight.

A gymnast that can do the split in mid-air didn’t wake up with that talent; it’s down to hard work and perseverance. No different with vaginal weight lifting.

Working with a Yoni Egg strengthens the muscles in the vagina, giving a woman total/super control.

What you’ll need for vaginal weightlifting are

  1. A strong well train vagina and PC muscles
  2. A drilled Yoni Egg
  3. 2 strong 12 inch pieces of thread (to connect egg to the weights)
  4. S Hook
  5. Weights (0.5kg to 3kg).

Please make sure the thread is safely knotted, if you can, double the thread. Do not go too heavy on the weights , wait till the vaginal muscle is strong enough.

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Get your Yoni Eggs Now and start training that Yoni,  It’s now time to get your lady parts as strong as Tatyana Kozhevnikova  the Russian lady with the ‘World’s Strongest Vagina’.

Good Luck ladies