How to clean your Yoni Egg

When using your Yoni Egg hygiene is priority.

How often should you clean your Yoni Egg?

Cleaning your egg should always be done before and after you’ve used it. Special attention should always be given to the drilled hole as any build-up of vaginal liquid would most likely reside there.

Yoni Egg - Pure castile soap
Mild Soap to clean Yoni Egg – Pure castile soap

Yoni Egg Quick Cleanse

Always  wash your hands first

Lather your hands with a mild soap then wash your egg thoroughly for about 30 seconds.

Use warm running tap water to rinse, it is vital to rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap from your Yoni Egg and allowing the flowing water to run through the drilled hole.

(You can repeat the process as many times you like)

Leave to air dry.  (A plastic bottle cap makes a good stand for air drying or an egg holder).

When using your Yoni Egg for the first time use the quick cleanse routine, and then rinse with freshly boiled water and then leave to air dry.

If you would like to give your Yoni Egg a more intense wash you can add any or all of the following before or after your quick cleaning routine.

Himalayan Pink Salt
Himalayan pink salt

Put your Yoni egg in a heat proof glass bowl add your egg. Use the water of a just boiled kettle to pour over your yoni egg, leave until it reaches room temperature then rinse.

Add 2 tablespoon of Pink Himalayan salt and 3 cups of warm kettle boiled water to a glass bowl. Leave your Yoni Egg in it for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

To your glass bowl add 3 drop of Tea Tree oil and 3 cups of freshly boiled water then stir with a wooden spoon. Add

your egg and leave until the water is at room temperature then rinse thoroughly.

Great to clean the Yoni Egg hole
Interdental Floss for Yoni Egg hole

Use Interdental floss to clean the drilled hole of your Yoni Egg.

Always use a glass bowl over plastic to wash your Yoni Egg.

Glass does not scratch easily as plastic
Glass does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) like some plastic containers
Glass does not leach potentially harmful chemicals when in contact with heat like some plastics.
If you have to use a plastic bowl avoid hot or warm water.

Why boiling your Yoni Egg is not recommended.

A Yoni egg can be boiled but there are no benefits in doing so, boiling your Yoni egg for 10 minute versus putting your egg in boiling water will both cleanse your egg; however a 10 minute boil makes the egg more vulnerable over time.

Gemstones are made up of different minerals such as magnesium-iron; so when you boil your Yoni egg it will becomes depleted of its natural mineral structure making it much more inferior than a gemstone that has not been boiled.

Please avoid boiling and microwaving your Yoni Egg.

Once your yoni egg is clean before use, you will never have any issue with your egg.  A clean Yoni Egg poses 0% risk to a woman health.