Bodytalk with Emma Coutts

The Beautiful Soul Emma Coutts explains her role as a Bodytalker

BodyTalk is energy medicine or Mind Body Medicine and it is designed by your body for you. It is WHOLEHEALTH CARE
everything working in harmony and communicating with all aspects of the bodymind. Our state of Mind will also affect our
health – nothing takes place outside our state of consciousness – we are responsible for the way we are. So it brings me
the greatest joy and delight to see my clients become whole in themselves and embrace every aspect of themselves and
become the people they REALLY ARE and LOVE THEMSELVES.

As a Bodytalker, in my practice, I am deeply saddened that so many women seem to be ‘cut-off’ from the waist down.
This sad state of affairs, has come about due to many belief systems, attitudes, traumas, ignorance, lack of knowledge
and precedence given to the intellect as opposed to the whole body. Being equal to the masculine is not advancement,
we are different – that has to be celebrated not denied. We are all unique and amazing – each of us has a DNA sequence
that is ours and ours alone – every aspect of the body is different in each of us, we are not the ‘NORM’ – we are special
and fabulous in our uniqueness.

The Body is not a machine, every cell in the body communicates with every other cell, every organ, endocrine and
Body part has it’s own consciousness – every aspect of the bodymind has a relationship and unfortunately, due to the
stresses of our present environment some of these relationships breakdown. Some organs due to severe stress have
lost their consciousness and can’t remember what they are supposed to be doing. Western Medicine, mostly does not
acknowledge the new biology – they see the body in Cartesian terms – so they treat symptoms and organs all as though
they were separate entities – no the body works as a WHOLE – Dynamic Systems Theory – all works together and if one part
is not functioning as it should – this is reflected throughout the Bodymind.

Let me return to the Reproductive System – if the components of this miraculous system are ignored, disregarded, not
understood, rejected, then, a woman is not in touch with her SELF, has no SELF LOVE, and will have so many breakdowns
in relationships with men – as if we don’t love ourselves, we can’t love anyone else. The consciousness of this system involves,
Reproduction, Sensuality, Sexuality, Self-presevation, Life -acceptance, Creativity, Release, Drive and Strength, Acceptance of
others,Openness, Connection to the Earth and Grounding.

I  wish to congratulate all you women who use these eggs Рyou are amazing! You are aware of the uniqueness
of your Body and wish to do the best you can for the your true essence and femininity – you have embraced the
importance of your health and the future health of the whole of your Bodymind.

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