jade egg size

The Yoni Eggs come in three different sizes.

The larger eggs are easier to feel and can be helpful for those with very thin pelvic floors, Small eggs require stronger pelvic floor muscles to be able to keep it in and move it around the vaginal canal. Medium eggs are normally big enough for most to feel, and have a weight the is an upgrade to the large size egg.

Large eggs are for beginners.

Medium eggs are for those who mastered the large egg or for those who feel the large is to big for their frame.

Small eggs are for experts with very strong pelvic floor muscles

Large 45mm*40mm drilled hole 2mm

Best for beginners as it is the easiest to grasp and manipulate and help the beginner sense and become aware of her muscles and control.

If you can easily insert two fingers into your yoni then it would be best to get the large, if you l leak a few drops of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing

Medium 40mm 30mm drilled hole 2mm

When you have mastered the large or for those who feel the large is to big for their frame.

Small Size 30mm 20mm drilled hole 2mm

For the experts who have trained and mastered using the large and medium size eggs. Some Women are known to juggle two small eggs in the vaginal canal by isolating each muscle to make the eggs clap and spin.

jade eggs