Large Rhodonite Yoni Egg Size

The Yoni Egg is an egg shaped natural semi precious gemstone; it is inserted into the vaginal canal to aid the health, strength and maintain youthfulness of the sacred organ. By inserting the egg into the vagina and squeezing the vaginal muscles (as though you are trying to stop the flow of urine), then releasing this helps strengthen, tighten, tones and cultivate sexual energy in the yoni, balancing the yin yang energy which make for an healthy reproduction system and body. Large and Medium Yoni Eggs are for beginners  Rhodonite Grounds energy, balances yin-yang and is an emotional balancer, Rhodonite is a stone of compassion stimulates sexuality, clearing away emotional wounds at the same time as nurturing love. This stone is a Fire and Earth element stone that corresponds to the Root and Heart chakra.

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 Large Rhodonite Yoni Egg

Why order from Yoni Healer?
After extensive research and testing of many different shape eggs to see which shape was the most effective, provided the most intense workout, gave the fastest results and was an efficient massager to the vagina’s reflexology points. We came up will an ideal shape, for maximum benefit. Taking into consideration the different shapes, sizes and positioning of each yoni muscle, it was so important to get our Yoni Eggs specially designed with these specifications in mind, offering women the best constructed and effective eggs. Due to fact we use natural gemstones, the colour and the natural patterns will differ in egg, giving it, its own distinctive character, making each egg unique to the woman using it. All our eggs are crafted from 100% natural gemstones and crystals straight from mother earth. We offer a range of 8 egg material White Jade, Red Jasper, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Rhodonite and Obsidian. Each material offers different healing properties, my personal favourite is Rhodonite, the heaviest of the eggs we carry, but each one is just as great and has there own healing properties and unique character.

What are the different sizes of Yoni Eggs, and what are they for?
The respective sizes of the eggs are: small 20mm, medium 30mm and large 40mm. The Yoni Eggs come in three sizes that correspond to varying levels of expertise. The largest eggs are the easiest to grasp and manipulate and helps a beginner feel and become responsive to her muscles and control. The smaller the egg gets, the more skill and muscular control it takes to manipulate and feel them, hence the smallest eggs are for the expert who has trained through the other sizes.

Large and Medium eggs are for beginners Small eggs are for experts with very strong pelvic floor muscles

Large 50mm by 40mm Drilled hole 2mm
Best for beginners as it is the easiest to grasp and manipulate and help the beginner sense and become aware of her muscles and control. If you can easily insert two fingers into your yoni then it would be best to get the large, if you l leak a few drops of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing.

Medium 40mm by 30mm Drilled hole 2mm
If you think that the large would be too big for you or you are unsure medium is the safest bet.

Small Size 30mm by 20mm Drilled hole 2mm
For the experts who have trained and mastered using the large and medium size eggs. Some Women are known to juggle two small eggs in the yoni canal by isolating each muscle to make the eggs clap and spin.

Yoni Egg Disclaimer
Please do not use the Yoni Egg if you have any known health issues regarding your reproductive organs, and if you have, get your doctors approval first before using the Yoni Egg.
Yoni Eggs should not be used instead of regular medical treatment if there is a known problem, Always seek professional medical help when dealing with health related problems.
We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented on the website.

Please do not use the Yoni Egg If you are wearing a The IUD (also known as the coil), diaphragms or caps as it will affect the effectiveness, and stop the contraception from doing its job.

Once you receive the Yoni Egg, before you use it, it is very important to wash your egg with a mild soap and boiling hot water to remove any impurities.
It is also very important to wash the egg and hands before and after usage.

Always empty your bladder before using the Yoni Egg. You can not share the Yoni Egg with anyone else; it is solely for the use of the owner only.

Do not use Yoni Egg while pregnant, unless you were using the egg at least 6 months before you conceived.

Each and every woman’s genetic makeup and health status are unique. This is a major factor to bear in mind when it comes to seeing results. Some women will take a longer time to see any noticeable changes; the time scale for changes is based on the condition of the body prior to the use of the Yoni Egg.

Once you have made payment for your item, it will be shipped the following day. All items will be sent by 1st class sign for post. We ship discretely. All Yoni Eggs come in a cloth bag and an instructional manual. If you have not received your egg by the 3rd day please contact us so we can track it.
For obvious hygiene reasons the items are not refundable or returnable unless you have received the wrong item or damaged goods.

For more info go to Frequently Ask QuestionsBenefits of the Yoni Egg or The Yoni Egg.


9 reviews for Large Rhodonite Yoni Egg Size

  1. Michael

    I purchased this as a gift for my partner, she was so happy, cause she always wanted one. Throughout my time on this site I was helped to make the right choice, as I was not sure what to get. Was great being able to talk to someone live as I placed my order. 5 stars customer service and product. Cheers Michael.

  2. Annie

    This yoni egg was given to me by my mum as a gift which she purchased from this website, she bought it for me because since I was 11 years old I have suffered from really bad period pain, it was so bad I would have to take up to 3 days off school and now work as I was always in agony at that time of month. I even considered removing my ovaries, so the pain would stop. However since using this yoni egg I have had not much pain to no pain, this is like a miracle. I can not talk about the service of this website or the delivery as I did not purchase it myself but I am sure if it was bad, my mum would have said. This egg has saved me for the past 2 month since using my egg; I have not had to take not one pain killer, before I would go through up to 2 packs of pill killers over 7 days. It should not be called yoni egg but miracle egg. I would have never thought something so natural like a crystal egg could be so powerful. Very happy with my egg. I definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from period pain or pms.

  3. Gemma

    So thoughtfully presented & even came with instructions. V happy, great informative seller.

  4. Tara

    Received my egg in less than 2 days, great presentation, and happy with product.

  5. kerry


  6. Bea

    Was very sceptical at first, and had a lot of questions that were all answered, fantastic company, and the instructions came in very handy.

  7. Cleo

    Beautiful Beautiful Yoni egg

  8. Louise

    Your packaging is so personal and professional would highly recommend.

  9. Akua A

    My yoga teacher recommended this site, never know about yoni before she she spoke about it. Have no complaints with the service. Now I don’t go a day without using it. I’ve seen positive changes for sure, so I’m very happy. Just wish they were cheaper so I could have more.

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