Getting to know Self

I’ve come to the realisation that most of us really aren’t sure about who we truly are? Yes we know what we look like, behave like, what we love, hate, fear and want. But how many questions why we love, hate, fear and want what we do? 

People are to busy wondering what others think of them, but won’t actually take the time to think about what they truly think of themselves. People go around trying to change the other person but not questioning why they are attracted to someone that they are trying to change. I want you to change that when you can, get a mirror remove everything you weren’t born with, taking all worldly superficial possessions out of the equation (so please don’t mention what job you do, what’s your name or what you have), and ask yourself these important questions

Who am I to me?
Do I truly love who I am NOW? Why?
Do I love everything I am becoming? Why?
Would I honestly want to spend the rest of my life with or marry me?
Am I the best me now? Why?
Do I love myself as much as I want other to love me? Why?
What makes me an asset to this world?
How much do I truly love myself?
Am I happy with self?
Why do I attract the people that are in my life?
Do I deny myself happiness to make other happy?
Do I deny people happiness to make myself happy?
Do I give myself to people who are not worthy?
Am I surrounded by honest, trustworthy and positive people? Correction, Am I an honest, trustworthy and a positive person?
What am I not happy within myself?
All the things I was taught in life, is it ‘my truth’ or the ‘real truth?

Questioning who you really are and finding the answers, will be the best road to enlightenment, but don’t let your ego answer though, find the answers from with in.

The people we attract in our lives are usually a reflection of ourselves, especially in relationships. You attract who you are. So if you are questioning why you attract the people you do, start looking within yourself, as hard as it is, it is worth it.

As soon you make a positive change negative people will dwindle, and positive people will come in abundance in your life. But the choice lies with you only.