What is love?

What is love ???

Love is energy, it’s pure, it’s the absence of fear, it unconditional, pain-free, honest and kind, although love means different things to different people, for everybody; love is a reflection of who you are now, your memories, your choices, your experiences and your knowledge. Love is in everybody.

The truest form of love is self-love and until you experience it, you will never know the true meaning of loving someone else, nor will you ever fully appreciate receiving love from someone else. The opposite of love is not hate but fear.

You live in a society that is fear based, especially when it comes to love in relationships. Instead of love, trust, honesty, respect and cherishing being the positive factors in a relationship. What’s common is insecurity, fearfulness, deceit, unrealistic demands and wanting from a partner simply what you lack.

You have unrealistic demands with expressive unspoken words such as; I want you to love me more than you love yourself. I want you to love me more than I love myself. I want you to prove how much you love me. I want to go through you things to prove that you love only me because I can’t trust you. I want the password to your phone so I can spy on you because I’ve been hurt in the pass, and you deserve the punishment of my ex’s downfalls. I give you this, so I expect this in return, or I won’t speak to you. You don’t give me enough of yourself, I want more, which I think I deserve. I want you to call me every day so I know you belong to me.

This is not love, it fear base ego, not healthy, very negative and always ends in disaster. I get it, I really do, a lot of people have been hurt, and that’s why their guard is up. But if this is the case at least remain single; if one lacks the ability to trust. The only way to learn to trust is by living in the now and not becoming the pass.

Relationships are a wonderful way to discover the best you, when you are in a relationship that is based on love and positivity, not only do you grow and feel great but you also discover the true meaning of self, happiness, and fulfilment.  The energy you exude is beyond any worldly experience. It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed by words.

A loving relationship is not about ownership, blame, control or power. A relationship is about the connection between two individuals (mind, body and soul) through love, expressing love, being love, showing love and being open to receive love.

Not all your relationships are meant to last for ever, but every relationship no matter how painful it is; you will discover something about yourself that will only improve your life and prepare you for all other future relationships, making you stronger and wiser, but should not make you distrusting, insecure or doubtful. However when you get hurt, you tend to be more focused on playing the victim, than discovering the lesson you were meant to learn. So it becomes a repetitive cycle, moving from one bad relationship to the next then having to relive the same lesson again and again and saying things like “why me, why do I attract these people?” until you finally get it. But once you get it that will be it.

When you become love and positivity every negative entity in your life will slowly disappears, it is truly like magic. Negative energy can’t survive a long time around positive energy; it becomes too weak and has to find fear to feed itself. Negativity grows where there are negative energies, fear and insecurities. Yeap! That includes relationships. You think therefore you are; your thoughts become your reality. See new relationships with new eyes, let go of past hurts; if you don’t want it in the new relationship.

Love is hard to define, and confusing to understand. But the real question is what is love to you?