5 ways to attract positive energy
5 ways to attract positive energy into your lifeLove and accept yourselfWhen you love and accept yourself, it becomes easy to attract and spot others who love and accept themselves also. I’m not saying never try to change the things you are not happy with but until you can change, love and accept who and the...

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What is love?
What is love ???Love is energy, it’s pure, it’s the absence of fear, it unconditional, pain-free, honest and kind, although love means different things to different people, for everybody; love is a reflection of who you are now, your memories, your choices, your experiences and your knowledge. Love is in everybody.The truest form of love is self-love and...

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Getting to know Self
I've come to the realisation that most of us really aren't sure about who we truly are? Yes we know what we look like, behave like, what we love, hate, fear and want. But how many questions why we love, hate, fear and want what we do? People are to busy wondering what others think of...

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