Small White Drilled Jade Egg

  • Small White Drilled Jade Egg

    The Yoni Egg is an egg shaped natural semi precious gemstone; it is inserted into the vaginal canal to aid the health, strength and maintain youthfulness of the sacred organ. By inserting the egg into the vagina and squeezing the vaginal muscles (as though you are trying to stop the flow of urine), then releasing this helps strengthen, tighten, tones and cultivate sexual energy in the yoni, balancing the yin yang energy which make for an healthy reproduction system and body.

    Small is for women who have master the large and medium, and now have the muscular strenght to control small yoni egg. 

    White Jade
    White Jade has been used to boost energy; it directs energy and assists with concentration filtering out unwanted distractions. White Jade encourages harmony working on the heart and crown chakra, It’s a stone of purity stimulating new ideas and releases negative thoughts.